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Read the reviews from glowing fans of Fitnessential - successes, testimonials, reviews and stories of triumph. Everyone of who has gone through Fitnessential has seen phenomenal weight loss and health benefits from our regimen. Some even report 20 lbs in 20 days! Once going through our cleanses (Candida, Kidney, Colon, Liver, Gallbladder) a new body transformation happens in everyone.

Candida Cleanse Diet

Candida Albicans

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Candida Albicans are a colonial fungal that are inside everyone's intestines. They easily overgrow with any and all YEAST (bread anyone?) and this overgrowth releases over 75+ toxins inside your body causing weight gain and fatigue. Candida is extremely hard to get rid of and needs a strict diet + a solution that can be made at home to wash the body of excess candida overgrowth and colonies.


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Candida Cleanse

Get rid of this colony of parasites & 75+ toxins causing obesity & fatigue.

Colon Cleanse

Lose anywhere from 5 to 20 pounds in 2 weeks from a proper colon cleanse.

Kidney Cleanse

Recover your kidneys and feel a rejuvination of energy with this cleanse.

Liver Cleanse

It's important to clean your body's primary organ for detoxification - so do it right!

Gallbladder Cleanse

Flush bile from your system while also removing an easy 3 to 5 lbs of weight.

The Perfect Food Regimen

A cleanse only begins the journey - keep to the path of health with foods you'll LOVE!

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Chapter I

Candida Infestations

One of the symptoms of systemic Candida is weight gain, or difficulty losing weight. It can cause the kind of stubborn fat deposits that are hard to shake off, no matter how little you eat or how much exercise you do. There are a couple of reasons for this, but first it’s important to understand that no diet is going to help. Treating the underlying cause of the problem – the Candida overgrowth – is the way to get back in shape. Candida can lead to excess fat deposits in a few different ways. Read on below to find out more.


Candida Toxins

Candida cells are constantly reproducing and dying. This does not happen only during Candida Die-Off. Even if you are not treating your Candida at all, the natural life cycle of this yeast means that toxins from dying Candida cells are constantly being released into your bloodstream. Why does this matter? Well, your liver has to process these toxins and expel them from your body. If your liver becomes overloaded (i.e. there are too many toxins in your bloodstream), then it has to store these nasty chemicals somewhere else for processing later. Your liver does this by storing them in fat cells, primarily around the hips, belly and thighs. For many dieters, this is the root cause of those abnormal fat deposits.


Sugar Cravings

Candida needs sugar to grow and reproduce, sugar that comes from the foods we eat. A typical symptom of a Candida infestation is that the patient is eating lots of sugar and carbs but still craving more. In Candida sufferers, this is far more than just a psychological addiction to sugar. The Candida yeast is processing large amounts of sugar and sending your blood sugar levels lower, triggering signals from your brain that you need to eat more. This is one way that Candida can cause overeating.



Here’s one cause of weight gain that almost every Candida sufferer will identify with. The Candida cells release up to 79 different toxins, including a particularly nasty neurotoxin named Acetaldehyde. These toxins can cause symptoms like brain fog, fatigue and depression. Because of this, Candida sufferers often find it hard to get the exercise that they need to stay healthy and in shape.

So we’re going take it step by step… we start with the most basic. Counting calories – then move to getting active with daily stretching (because if you don’t keep a lifestyle – you revert back to what you fixed). Finally, we finish up with the way to completely rid your body QUICKLY of Candida Albicans and the foods you should eat while doing so… (PREVIEW END)

Chapter IV

Cleanse # 1 : Candida Parasite

Basically, everyone has a candida yeast overgrowth in their body; however, this overgrowth is most common in the intestine, but can infiltrate your entire body through the bloodstream (whatever you eat a lot of is going into your bloodstream. For example: if you eat a lot of yeasty simple carbohydrate foods you are feeding the parasite that causes the candida to grow). This overgrowth is the major cause for almost every type of symptom you can imagine from: gas, bloating, headaches, indigestion, heart-burn, allergies, asthma, fibromyalgia, arthritis, diabetes, nausea, yeast infections, thrush of the tongue, slow blood circulation, eczema, dandruff, acne, bad breath, fatigue, and depression.

THE MOST COMMON SIDE-EFFECT OF A CANDIDA GROWTH IS THE INABILITY TO LOSE WEIGHT AROUND YOUR MID-SECTION! Obese and those with weight around their mid-section eliminate excess candida almost and immediately lose the weight without trying. Candida’s over growths are responsible for food cravings and can make a person eat when they are not hungry. When candida is at a normal level, your appetite can be dramatically reduced so that you’re just simply not as hungry.


Candida Questionnaire and Score Sheet

This questionnaire lists factors in your medical history and what promotes the growth of the common yeast Candida Albicans, including symptoms commonly found with yeast-connected illness. Total your score and record it in the box at the end of the section. Then move and score as directed. (Thanks go to The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates)


Finding Your History with Candida Problems

A candida overgrowth is a vicious cycle. Our diets are full of sugars that feed the yeast. In women, pregnancy and the use of birth control pills create hormonal changes that encourage yeast overgrowth. Antibiotics found extensively in our food supply and prescribed by doctors, kill not only bad bacteria but also the friendly bacteria that normally inhabit her tissues, so this sets up an environment where yeast to multiply uncontrollably. A normal, strong immune system can keep yeast under control. But when Yeast does overgrow, they release toxins, which weaken the immune system. At this point, the weakened immune system can no longer defend itself against germs, so these organisms multiplying quickly invade tissues and organs, causing infections. If you take antibiotics to get rid of these infections, the cycle starts all over… (PREVIEW END)

Chapter V

The Candida Diet :

Simple Carbs

(Rapidly digested sugar) Simple carbohydrates are sugars that are found in many refined and processed foods, in foods made with white flour, and in foods high in various types of sugars. While complex carbohydrates are necessary for good health, simple carbohydrates can cause mood swings, rapid changes in blood-sugar levels, weight gain, compulsive eating and sugar cravings. Simple carbs are the biggest fuel for the Candida parasite that cause weight gain around the abdominal, which we will talk about later on in the book. Here are some common foods that contain high levels of simple carbohydrates.


Fruit Juices/Soft Drinks

Even fruit juices, such as apple and grape, contain high levels of simple carbohydrates. Eat whole fruit instead of drinking fruit juice — it’s less refined, and therefore healthier. It also contains more fiber, which helps with digestion and keeps you feeling full longer. It will also make following a healthy diet easier. If you are a heavy juice drinker, I recommend 100% pure organic fruit juices diluted down (usually about 15-20%) with water.



Table and Other Syrups

Corn syrup and table syrup contain high levels of simple carbohydrates. Like many foods that are high in simple sugars and other simple carbohydrates, table and other syrups provide little to no nutritional value. My suggested substitution would be organic Agave nectar or other another organic natural sweetener with a low glycemic index.


Products Made with White Flour

Simple carbohydrates are commonly found in refined foods, like white flour, so any product made with white flour will be high in simple carbohydrates. White flour products that are high in simple carbohydrates include: White bread (actually has little to no nutritional value), White pasta, Cakes, pastries and many baked goods, Sweets, Candy, chocolate and other sweets are high in simple sugars and other simple carbohydrates. Minimize sweets in your diets and read the labels on products you buy. Products that list any of the following at the beginning of the list should be avoided: Aspartame, Sucrose, Fructose, Sugar, Maltose, Corn syrup, White flour, and Wheat flour.


Complex Carbohydrates

(Slowly digested sugar) On a low carb diet, the main goal is to avoid raising blood glucose too much. This is why we avoid foods which are high in sugars and starches. But it turns out that not all starches are created equal. Some starches are digested very quickly, and cause a rapid and large rise in blood sugar. Others are digested more slowly, causing blood glucose to rise less and over a longer period of time. And some starch, called resistant starch, is not digested in the small intestine at all, and so causes little or no blood sugar rise. The larger the percentage of rapidly-digested starch in a starchy food, the higher the glycemic index of that food.


What is starch?

Starches are long complex chains of simple sugars. This is why they are often called “complex carbohydrates”. It was once thought that complex carbohydrates do not raise blood sugar as quickly or as much as sugars, but now we know that some starches are actually more glycemic than some sugars. In this sense, they are not “complex” for very long at all. People who are sensitive to sugar should avoid most starchy foods as well, since most starchy foods are rapidly broken down into sugar.


Which foods have a lot of starch?

Grains (wheat, rice, barley, and oats), potatoes, corn, and beans are all very starchy foods. Grains are made into bread, cereal and pasta, as well as crackers, biscuits, cookies, cakes, pie crust, and anything else made with flour.


What type of complex carbohydrates should we eat?

The best starchy foods are whole beans or lentils. The starch is mostly either slowly-digested starch or resistant starch (though canned beans are more fully digested than ones cooked from the dried state). When choosing grains, eat ones which are whole and intact when cooked, such as brown rice, barley, amaranth, or quinoa. Avoid most baked goods or anything made with flour. Best choices are specially-made low carb breads (or gluten-free products) which have less starch and more fiber. Avoid processed cereals with little fiber. Best choices are cold cereals with 5 or more grams of fiber per serving, such as All-Bran with Extra Fiber… (PREVIEW END)

Chapter VI

Never Get Sick Again

The pH Diet

The only reason that we as humans get sick is because of toxins and germs. Breaking it down naturally, even if we didn’t eat we would produce toxins, it is part of human nature, I don’t know but you have to take that up with God. Therefore our bodies are naturally built to remove a certain amount of toxins without any side effects. Germs are simply everywhere and cannot be avoided, in truth they are always attacking our body system, it is simply how much of a breeding ground is your body for those germs, viruses, etc.?


2 Things go into play to avoid sickness and never be sick again.

1) Your thought patterns, if you know anyone who has a “germ phobia”, constantly using and worrying about germs and the cleanliness of their selves. The people are often, 9 out of 10 times, the ones who are sick the most too. Wonder why? Because they think about sickness, therefore whatever your mind focuses on, it attracts. If you think about money (everyone does) BUT plans on how to save, collect, and garner money by offering a service that helps others, your mind will NATURALLY give you a plan and start garnering money!

2) Everyone needs to understand we are 55-65% water (depending on how much you drink) and therefore, just like your pool that you swim in! It needs a pH test to see if the water is neutral and not acidic. It takes a simple piece of pH paper, 5 minutes. When body pH is in the proper alkaline state, getting cancer or other diseases is zero because disease CANNOT live in UNINHABITABLE ENVIRONMENT. This is a great way to also see firsthand how all the follow tips are benefitting you and your health. You can get pH test strips really cheap, pretty much any old pH strips will do; however, there are certain kits that come with detailed instructions for saliva and urine testing. Instead of having you spend another $4-$5 for those instructions. I have provided the instructions below. BELOW IS MORE INFORMATION ON THIS POWERFUL TEST FOR HEALTH… (PREVIEW END)

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Chapter Overviews

Chapter I

Introduction into what Candida Albicans, diet, regimen and stretching… the beginning basics for newcomers and learned alike.

Chapter II & III

You will get a picture walk through of the best stretching exercises to promote weight loss and increase blood flow.

Chapter IV

An in depth look into the Candida Diet and Cleanse – including Kidney, Liver, Colon, Gallbladder and Parasite cleanses too.

Chapter V

30 Days worth of ideas for amazingly satiating foods that you can eat while staying aligned with the Candida Diet regimen.

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Reviews From Others

Joseph Martin

Joseph Martin

Unbelievable. I've went through the entire process - and hands down - candida was the cause behind all my weight loss problems. I had been suffering from problematic diets for almost a decade now. I've not only given up, I've tried this enough that I GAVE UP - CAME BACK - GAVE UP 2 MORE TIMES - and thankfully found Fitnessential. I lost 5 lbs almost overnight! It's hard to believe - but if you can stomach the cleanses and eat right for 2 months - YOU CAN LOSE A LOT OF WEIGHT WITH THIS!!!

Samantha Cunningham

Samantha Cunningham

I feel ashamed to say that I ballooned to almost 250 pounds and a massive body fat index rate. I stumbled across what Candida Albicans were and eventually found my way to looking for a solution or cure to the problem. I found Fitnessential. The program has been more than I imagined and was worth the $100 to get everything. I've lost 45 pounds now in just 3 months and this is just with eating proper and ONE CANDIDA CLEANSE.

Joyce Priset

Joyce Priset

The entire support team and writers for Fitnessential have made the difference in my life. I started reading their blog about a year ago and decided to buy their ebook. Lone-behold, I'm sitting here typing this email 20 LBS LIGHTER AFTER ONLY 30 DAYS! That Candida Cleanse made me (well... you know) like the dickens, and if I ate something bad I felt it, but it aligned my habits and now I'm feeling amazing! Thank you.

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