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Blood Root and Zinc Chloride – Black Salve’s Main Ingredient

Blood Root – Nature’s Cancer Killer #143

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Never Heard of Blood Root Flowers Before?

Blood Root

The Blood Root Flower

The flower blood root is found from eastern North America to the south of Georgia. Blood root is also known as red puccoon root and sometimes pauson. The flower blood root was historically used by the Native Americans as an automatic, breeding and respiratory aid among other treatments. There is little that can be used for toxic purposes; however, there have been instances where people have drank large amounts of the blood root tincture solution in mistake for spirits and liquor. A little-known fact is that blood root is used in the mall remover dermatitis. This may explain the multiple definitions in 1913 of blood root being called “Tetterwort”.


The funny thing about blood root extracts, is that they have been promoted by many supplement companies of the treatment or cure for cancer, but the US FDA a.k.a. the FDA has listed some of these products among its “187 Fake Cancer ‘Cures’ Consumers Should Avoid”. This list I still have yet to look over and, but I am sure that out of the 187 “fake cures”, almost 90% of them are actual cures. Thus proving the fact, that you have to be aware of where your information comes from, and always question the source and its validity. I even welcome and ask for questions about my validity and that I am tested in my knowledge each and every day. This is the best part of being a researcher!


Blood root and zinc chloride are both key ingredients in almost all topical salves their used in skin cancer treatments. For almost 100 years, blood root has been very successful in treating skin cancers. However, regardless of what some sellers/vendors claim, blood root should never ever be swallowed or eaten, not even in small doses. The reason for this, is the anticancer constituent, sanguinarine. This alkaloid is also found in the far more abundant and greater amounts of celandine in Chelidonium majus, an herb common along roadsides in Europe and elsewhere.[/spoiler]

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Our Take on The Blood Root Flower

YET AGAIN! It is highly suggested that you do not use blood root internally i.e. you should not ingested or swallow any of the solution because of its possible toxicity. As a result, applying bloodroot to the skin may destroy tissue and lead to the formation of a large scab, called an eschar. Bloodroot and all of its extracts/tinctures are therefore considered escharotic. Again, internal use is not suggested in any way, shape or form.

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