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Brandt Grape Cure for Cancer (The Brandt Grape Protocol)

Brandt Grape Cure for Cancer WORKS…and IT WORKS WELL!

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Welcome to the Brandt Grape Cure Protocol

Brandt Grape Cure for Cancer

Brandt Grape Cure for Cancer

Next up on a list of ingredients that can treat or kill cancer is grapes. We’re going to be mainly focusing on purple grapes especially, with their seeds and skin, purple grapes contain more than a dozen nutrients that kill cancer cells. If you have researched anything into cancer cures, you will of heard about the Brandt grape cure for cancer which is truly a full force diet for stage III and stage IV cancers. The Brandt grape cure for cancer diet is nothing that should be entered into without diligent and do thought. However, the grape cure for cancer is especially effective when used in conjunction with the 12 hour fast. The full name of the grape cure for cancer is the Johanna Brandt grape cure. This protocol should not be combined with any other cancer treatments or alternative cancer treatments without fully considering whether it will neutralize the purple grapes and the nutrients they deliver.


Yes, as simple as it is. Grapes cure cancer. The brick the Brandt grape cure was officially developed in the 1920s, while many things have developed and changed inside of the original treatment plan, it is only been for the better. While the Brandt grape cure for cancer of today can certainly be supercharged its effectiveness when adding newer protocols, many people will find themselves using this protocol because they cannot financially afford the newer protocols that are out there. That is fine, this protocol by itself will do actually quite well for cancer patients. However, for those who can afford to add other protocols along with the Brandt grape cure for cancer, should do so. To make a more effective treatment against canister, I highly suggest looking for my book and following the Candida/cancer diet which is more updated with the current age and protocols that have been advanced since the 1990s. Many of the protocols I offered to supercharge people’s immune systems for stage IV and stage III cancer and even AIDS, herpes, dementia are all easy to treat with my solve all protocol, it is very inexpensive.


NOTE: A diabetic may have to resort to the carrot juice/beet juice just mentioned. If you have questions, discuss the ingredients in these treatment plans (i.e. the grape cure or the carrot juice/beet juice cure) with the medical doctor who treats your diabetes. In any case, you will always need to monitor your insulin very closely.

NOTE: I do NOT recommend this treatment for fast-growing cancers, such as pancreatic cancer.

NOTE: For those who cannot obtain the proper grapes, a vegetable juice containing carrot juice and some beet juice can be substituted for the grape juice.[/spoiler]

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Wrap-Up for The Brandt Grape Cure for Cancer

If anyone reading this or watching my videos has gone through orthodox cancer treatments, they can go to my blog and find a way to actually finance alternatives for their cancer treatments. This is in fact more simplified than most would believe. In fact, the best part is that you not have to have cancer, that any terminal disease, which will not be terminal very long. With the Brandt Grape Cure being fairly inexpensive, whether you have Alzheimer’s, AIDS, cancer, dementia or any disease that can cause an early death, there is a solution to pay and fully finance all of your alternative treatments.





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