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Colloidal Gold Is A KNOWN SUPER CONDUCTOR (Your Brain Uses Electric Neurons…GET IT?)

Colloidal Gold IQ IncreaseColloidal Gold – Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Colloidal Gold with Fitnessential. Colloidal gold has some amazing effects, some of them are increased in the capacity of thought, small amounts of pain relief, small reduction of wrinkles and MOST IMPORTANTLY IQ increases via the electro conductive colloidal gold when it enters insider cerebrum (head/brain).


Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Colloidal Gold

If anyone has ever studied gold, they will soon find a few things. 1, gold is a superconductor (which is why it increases brain activity). The simple thought process behind this is that your brain fires off electrical impulses through your Neurons, thus if you have higher conduciveness in your brain, the connections will meet quicker. 2, gold is what is called Mono-nomatic, which simply means it is made of one unique molecule, thus no other metal element can be like gold, unless you were to rearrange the atomic structure. 3, gold has been used throughout the millennia to signify the Sun god, and silver the Moon god. If you follow these ancient mythologies, you will see that gold was only issued to the rich and elite. This is because they understood that gold not only increased brain activity, but also rebalanced chakras.


Colloidal Gold – Everything There Is To Know (IMPORTANT STUFF)

So many people ask, “How long will it take for me to see improvements in my IQ? And how much?” This can be a difficult statement because it all depends on the quality of the gold, process it was made with, PPM, amount taken, previous IQ (definitive knowledge of level, not guessing), mindfulness and diet. If you’re eating McDonald’s double cheeseburgers everyday, your IQ will definitely be lowered and this colloidal gold will help, but it will be fighting an uphill battle. Thus my first suggestion is to eliminate all toxins and chemicals inside your body through Fitnessential’s 4 specified cleanses. Candida Albicans, Kidney/Gallbladder/Liver, 100 Parasites Cleanse and Colon Cleanse. After you have completed these cleanses, you’ll notice anywhere from 10 to 15 point IQ increase. Now is the best time to start taking colloidals, especially gold. From here I can give you a true and reasonable quote. Taking the Fitnessential Colloidal Gold (20 PPM) you will see anywhere from 25 to 30 IQ point jump within 2.5-3 months, by taking 1 tablespoon everyday. If you would like to learn more about colloidal gold, colloidal silver, colloidal platinum, colloidal copper or any of the other eight metals, I suggest you go to my YouTube channel or visit the Fitnessential blog.[/spoiler]

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