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Colloidal Platinum – Life Extension with Pain Relief

Colloidal Platinum – Back Pain Relief As Strong As Oxycotin


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Colloidal PlatinumColloidal Platinum Colloidal Minerals and Life Extension with Pain Relief by Fitnessential. Colloidal platinum is an amazing material, although platinum is expensive in today’s market. One single plate of colloidal platinum (costing $200) can yield upwards of 30 gallons of high PPM colloidal mineral. Although this colloidal is often overlooked and even replaced by colloidal silver, its benefits are far beyond that of colloidal silver and colloidal gold combined!


Colloidal Platinum and Colloidal Minerals and Life Extension with Pain Relief

we must first understand obviously that not all models are made the same, while colloidal silver is good for destroying and killing bacteria viruses and fungi, colloidal gold is great at improving mental capacity and IQ. But on the far end of the scale colloidal platinum is one of the best pain relievers that can be found on the market. A unique side effect of colloidal platinum is also the ability of reducing wrinkles, although this is not as potent as colloidal copper and what it does for wrinkles and anti-aging, colloidal platinum certainly has its place. The best way to use colloidal platinum for pain relief is via an I.V. and that IV must be placed 3 to 4 inches above the area of pain (this is especially effective in back pain) when most doctors prescribe OxyContin or meta-amphetamines (aka METH). If a person does not wish to use a needle, they may substitute it with DMSO and a colloidal silver mixture. DMSO has been well documented to carry nutrient supplements and any necessary materials deep into the skin and even to the bone if necessary. More about DMSO can be found on my blog.[/spoiler]

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Colloidal Platinum, is it the premium colloidal mineral?

Just because a colloidal mineral or metal is expensive does not mean it is the best; however, I would certainly rank it either number two or number three on my list out of the 12 colloidal metals that I use. I would simply rank colloidal silver is the best because of its cheapness and universal uses. Colloidal gold and colloidal platinum are close second to each other, depending on what your problem is a necessary solution. If you have no pain you suffer from, colloidal gold wins. If you have back problems or are suffering from a previous injury and even disease like fibromyalgia, colloidal platinum is the best choice for you.






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