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Colloidal Silver Kills ALL Viruses Bacteria and Fungi

Colloidal Silver – Defeat ALL Viruses, Bacteria and Disease


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Colloidal Silver Basics 101

Colloidal SilverColloidal Silver Kills Viruses Bacteria and Fungi : Colloidal Silver has had a bad reputation because it has been known to cause Argyria. While many disputes this is impossible, I am here to tell you right now that is 100% scientifically true. The reason being, the colloidal silver solution has been mixed with salt, this then creates silver chloride and these particles are far too huge to be effective. Many have come under the false pretenses given out by the medical industry that is okay to use salt when making your colloidal metals. However, this will actually cause your skin to turn blue over time.


All Viruses Bacteria and Fungi Killed with Colloidal Silver

no I’m not here to scare you off, but can enlighten and inform you about how these various methods can be dangerous. Do not think colloidal silver can kill you, this is false and a flat out lie. It will simply cause your skin to have a different pigmentation, nothing more, nothing less. Since I know that most people like the color of their skin, it would be best to stray away from those who have manufactured colloidal silver inside their homes. I myself make colloidal silver, colloidal gold, colloidal platinum, colloidal copper, colloidal zinc, colloidal titanium and colloidal magnesium. But each of these methods to create these colloidals are very unique and diverse, each in their own way. For example, colloidal silver can be made with a simple 9 V set up; however, colloidal gold must be produced with an exact frequency range and higher voltage. Unless you can gather upwards of 50 V, your colloidal gold solutions will be subpar. This is simply the warning that I give. And I would only suggest that you make colloidal silver inside your home, but purchase professional colloidals from a manufacture. Unless you can afford the $3000 set up to make colloidal gold and colloidal platinum at home, not counting the other nine medals they can be made into colloidals.


Colloidal Silver – The Killer of Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses

Over and over you will find documented proof, the cases of Argyria, where colloidal silver has been used to defeat “incurable” diseases like cancer, the common cold, gangrene, and other serious infections. If you even take a simple subject like a moldy piece of bread and apply colloidal silver to the colonies, within 24 hours you will see that they have all disappeared. Now of course the application must be directly on, because the bread does not have consciousness to put the colloidal silver is where they are needed. What amazing things we have yet to discover! I at first suggested people buy some colloidal silver and see how it reacts to them (correctly made of course), and once they have seen the effects that it does and are sold on its effectiveness, start creating your own. The star is set up and create your colloidal silver, it will usually cost between $50 and $100, not counting the silver plates. After you have set up, the cost of making colloidal silver will be around $4.58 per gallon. I also suggest that you create your colloidal with a PPM of 25 to 30 during the new moon and full moon, due to the gravitational pull actually affecting the metals.[/spoiler]

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Where To Order The Best Colloidal Silver for Home Use

If you would like to order a professionally made colloidal silver product, you may go to her website located at the top of this description, then had the products (we currently have the least expensive colloidal silver on the market). How can you tell colloidal silver is of the highest quality? You do not have to store it in glass, you do not have to refrigerate it, it does not expire, it is not made with salt, it is made during the newer full moon, it has a PPM higher than 10, is made with 99.999% purity of metal, and uses resonance and frequency and sacred geometry capacitors to encode the colloidal with the frequency of love (528Hz). This is the colloidals that I make and produce… Many ask, “Is there that big of a difference?”. I reply with, “The same difference between the sun and the moon.” So my only warnings are, be on the lookout for those who sell subpar colloidal silver, minerals and metals.





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