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Get Lean Diet – Your Best Best For “Fad Diets”

Get Lean Diet – Better Than 90% of “Fad Diets”


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The Get Lean Diet Introduction

Get Lean DietThis diet regimen concocted by Stew Smith a former Navy Seal is for those that are really serious about losing weight. One of the recommendations in the diet is eating more meals than normal 5 to 6 per day spaced about every 3 hours. This is to help you burn the maximum amount of calories per day. This diet has two work outs in the day – one in the morning and one in the afternoon. It has diet recipes and workout routines also on the site. This diet will likely result in rapid weight loss, but will be more difficult to maintain for long periods unless you have lots of time to prepare the meals and do necessary workouts.


Overall, this seems like a great diet for those who are willing to dedicate the time and the effort in order to lose the weight. However, for those looking adding easy route to lose weight they’re still going to be left with the feeling that there is too much to overcome and too much to change in their diet and regimen. The get lean diet would be ranked a 7/10 in my book.


Get Lean Diet: Final Words

The only thing that sadly seems to be missing from the get lean diet, is the low amount of recipes they have for their diet and meal plan. Likely, I have just the thing for those looking to use the get lean diet and stick with the great regimen of low carbs and high proteins. support-us/ called the RAW FOOD DIET – Recipe and Cookbook. This book offers over 450 different recipes that you can make using raw food techniques, this is just a simple way of saying that your food is cooked without killing any of the nutrients and probiotics found within. There are simple and easy ways to cook your food and they don’t even take much time either.[/spoiler]

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