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Lean Cuisine Diet – Mmm Mmm Takes Like NOTHING

Lean Cuisine Diet – Welcome to Cardboard Heaven


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2 1/2 Problems with The Lean Cuisine Diet

Lean Cuisine DietProblem 1 – Taste – I need to be honest here; I have only ever really tried TWO Lean Cuisine meals within my life; some sort of mini pizza and a chicken panini sandwich. I was exceptionally disappointed with both. The bread on the sandwich and pizza tasted like cardboard and the chicken resembled chicken…I THINK it absolutely was chicken, but it did not taste like chicken. Maybe I’m a food snob, but I did not have a pleasing experience.


Problem 2 – Weight-Loss – I actually do perhaps not think that Lean Cuisine meals are going to aid in your weight-loss efforts. Actually I think they may be contributing to your body weight problem. I notice I see more over weight those who regularly digest “diet-type foods, ” than those who eat minimally processed, homemade foods. I think these “diet foods” are either highly unsatisfying and leave you craving MORE sugar, salt, an such like OR you believe since you ate a “healthy” Lean Cuisine for lunch, that you can now eat what you may want for lunch. In either case, this is simply not healthier eating and certainly will perhaps not cause weight-loss. I think you can certainly do better. Decide to try building a casserole you are able to individually portion out for the week OR make a meal plan which means you aren’t tempted by convenience!


And don’t even get me started on the fact of how lean cuisine takes, just taking a look at some of the forms and forwards for these fad diets you can easily see the user experiences. Anywhere from the chicken tasting like cardboard to the bread tasted like cardboard, it all seems to taste like cardboard. Not exactly the route I would go if I want to eat food and enjoy it, while still staying satisfied and happy enough calories to hold me over for the rest of the day.


When The Lean Cuisine Diet Has Settled

Main point here is, I would perhaps not discourage Lean Cuisine entrees from people completely, particularly when you undoubtedly enjoy their taste *cringe*. Nevertheless , I will suggest limiting their use to once or twice monthly. I know that life is hectic and supermarkets are confusing with each of their “health talk, ” but trust in me, the less you count on convenience foods, the healthiest you will end up! Only a little effort goes a considerable ways![/spoiler]

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