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Lemon Detox Diet – Dangerous To Those Who Follow These Steps

Lemon Detox Diet – Does It Even Work?


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Lemon Detox Diet Overview

Lemon Detox DietThe dietary plan is basically a 10 day fast, with pre-determined drinks, primarily lemonade. But there is more to this Master Cleaner Diet when compared to a lemonade fast. Based on Mr. Sterling, the dietary plan functions consuming large volumes of water, fibre, plus some raw vegetables.


The Lemon Detox Diet sounds appealing, but there is more to this diet than lemonade, water, and fibre combinations mentioned previously. Take to the lemonade, it is designed to be produced with fresh squeezed lemons, water, cayenne pepper, and natural and organic maple syrup ( which is a huge influx of carbs and sugar, whether it’s natural and organic or maybe not. ) Oh, and do not cheat through the use of Splenda/Sweet ‘N Lower in your lemonade. Technically, these man-made sweeteners are also toxic substances.


The Lemon Detox Diet requires drinking in regards to a whole quart of salt water every day and mixtures of laxatives during the night. This might be worse for the human body when compared to a normal fast or juice fast, particularly if you do 10 or 14 day plan. You may shed weight, as the saltwater will draw fluids in to your intestines and they’ll be flushed. The thing is, in flushing your digestive system so radically and rapidly you may flush important electrolytes. The increased loss of vital nutritional elements, minerals, and electrolytes is compounded by the laxative concoction nightly.


What’s so big about electrolytes? Electrolytes keep the body’s system in complete balance and working precisely. Severe electrolyte imbalances can lead to cardiac arrest. Not just that, but the diet will not add important nutritional elements or macro-nutrients back in your diet plan. There is some question as to perhaps the diet could possibly inhibit proper operation of the liver, rather than cleanse it. It might also restrict proper kidney function.


The medical community will not like or approve of the Lemon Detoxification Diet, or Master Cleanse Diet. While most medical practioners aren’t against a brief, detoxification, cleansing fast, they state the Master Cleanser Diet is just too dangerous. Personally i think the same way.


Those people who have successfully used the Hollywood Master Cleanse, or Lemon Detoxification Diet, admit that following the initial weight loss of 10 -20 pounds they do regain about ¾ of the weight back. Proponents who use Hollywood’s Master Cleanse Diet, however , do not generally speaking put it to use for weight loss.


Read that again folks! Proponents who use Hollywood’s Master Cleanse Diet, however , do not generally speaking put it to use for weight loss. Now if that doesn’t end the argument of WHY THE HELL YOU WOULD DIET…I don’t know what does![/spoiler]

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Lemon Detox Diet: Final Word

Still think the Hollywood Detoxification Diet is a great idea? Consider other negative aspects of the dietary plan. There is absolutely no protein in the diet. Proteins are the basic blocks of cells. There is absolutely no doctor who will stand behind the dietary plan because it is more dangerous than beneficial, plus it might more than likely trigger underlying health problems of which dieter’s weren’t previously aware. They usually learn in ER.

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