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The Gluten Free Diet – Overkill But Still Overweight

The Gluten Free Diet – Unnecessary Unless You Are In This 2%…


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The Gluten Free Diet ONLY For Celiac Sufferers?

The Gluten Free DietIs The Gluten Free Diet harmful to you? The short answer isn’t any, but as is the case with many food in our culture, the true answer is incomplete. People who have celiac illness have no choice but to eat a gluten-free diet; it’s a really matter of life and death for them. Sufferers of Celiac experience a certain immune reaction in the gut/stomach that creates significant issues with malnutrition and malabsorption.


Being on the gluten free diet used to mean essentially going on a “white foods” diet and eliminating processed and packaged foods. Not any longer. “Now we’ve a bit of a trap. Now it is easy to purchase a lot of gluten-free processed foods, ” says nutritionist Monica Reinagel, who hosts the “Nutrition Diva” podcast.


However , in most of the US populace gluten isn’t a problem like people who suffer from Celiac, but results from a gluten-free diet appears so promising that many choose avoiding it altogether in hopes of achieving significant weight loss.


It appears the gluten free diet moved main-stream, with a lot of otherwise healthier people signing on. As a result, manufacturers are creating gluten-free cookies, cakes, pastas and other services and products saturated in sugar, fat or sodium. I suggest checking labels closely and shopping vigilantly. You can not assume that a food or even a product is wholesome mainly because it is gluten free.


An incredible number of Americans are painful and sensitive to gluten, a protein found in wheat and certain other grains. Most suffer from an ailment called celiac illness. Once they eat gluten, it triggers an immune reaction that can eventually damage the liner of the small intestine. Celiac illness isn’t the same as a wheat allergy or gluten intolerance. However for all three the procedure is identical: a gluten-free diet.


Lots of people who is able to handle wheat go gluten-free anyway because they think it might help them lose several pounds. If you are taking a look at a gluten-free diet as an easy solution for weight loss, I must disappoint you, there is absolutely no guarantee that a gluten-free diet will probably lead to weight loss.[/spoiler]

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The Gluten Free Diet Review

If I had to rank the gluten-free diet, I would have to give it a 5/10, simply for the fact that those who suffer from celiac in the malabsorption, this is a necessary diet. However, for the average layperson or dieter out there, this is not the most logical or healthy diet to go on. Yet again, we see that the gluten-free diet is best when it simply follows the basic rule of avoiding white starchy foods. I see the Candida diet written all over this, but with much less sophistication.





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