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The Juice Fast Diet – Don’t Juice That Fruit Just Yet!

The Juice Fast Diet Under Scrutiny


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The Juice Fast Diet – Not As Good As Once Thought

The Juice Fast DietIf you’re wishing for a detoxification for your body, then you need to raise a big glass of “green juice” and chug it! Well, not so fast…at least not yet!


Juice fasting (also known as juice “feasting”) is a super popular method of detoxification, cleansing and weight loss. However , it’s a method that’s missing probably one of the most important ingredients for cleansing the body – fibre! Fiber’s essential for healthier bowel function. It’s the only real healthier method of colon cleaning approved by M.D.s and it’s natural! It’s also the big thing missing from green juices. Without fibre, you’re maybe not precisely cleansing. So how can you have the goodness of a green juice with the necessary fibre for cleansing and healthier bowel function? Green smoothies!


Green smoothies provide the superior method of detoxification because they provide healthier vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and they’re whole foods! This here is the problem with the “Juice Fast Diet”, you will just never see yourself getting enough fiber with this type of cleanse! They nourish you and fill you up between meals. Your body is supposed to operate on whole foods, maybe not fractionated foods like juices. Juice fasting may cause nutrient imbalances. It is lacking in kalories and carbs that you’ll need for energy as well as protein. Frequent and longterm juice fasting might disrupt your metabolic rate and lead to nutrient deficiencies. A green juice fast might create thefeeling like you are cleansing, but the feeling is from the removal of foods from your diet that cause sluggish digestion and other conditions that detoxification regimens seek to correct.[/spoiler]

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Final Review of The Juice Fast Diet

When you detoxification, your body doesn’t really desire a break from food. It requires  rest from a whole number of foods you eat (excess fats – even raw fat, manufactured foods, junk foods, etc…). Obviously you’re feeling better and experiencing short term health advantages when you remove surplus fats and the processed food items from your diet. However , you’ll have the exact same results with 0- fat green smoothies without ever needing to starve your self ( or flush out your colon, for that matter). So should you execute a green smoothie fast (The Juice Fast Diet), then? I do not recommend drinking nothing but the green smoothies. You will not get enough kalories and nutritional elements this way.

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