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The Nutrisystem Diet – Not So Sweet As You Think

The Nutrisystem Diet – Overpriced And…


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Problems with The Nutrisystem Diet

The Nutrisystem DietProblem 1 – The Nutrisystem Diet wont inform you: “Our food tastes REALLY bad.”

That’s exactly what I have heard from the testimonials of other individuals who have experienced to suffer at the hand with this horrible conglomeration/Corporation. But what would you are expectant of, they truly are FDA approved and half their foods are made with just pure chemicals and preservatives.


Problem 2 – The Nutrisystem Diet wont inform you: “We wont send you foods you ordered. “

The absolute worst thing with NutriSystem is that they’re substitute-happy. They are going to quickly and suddenly substitute up to half your food order. This really is frustrating for an average customer. Sending meat substitutes to vegetarians, or foods which can be allergy-triggers for anyone with allergies. NOTE: In the event you re-send for still another substitute you’ll have to pay shipping, and you will still perhaps not get the food you ordered, and yet still another substitute. Merely another method to generate income.


Problem 3 – The Nutrisystem Diet wont inform you: “The food doesn’t taste fresh. “

How could it? The foodstuff is pre-packaged, will spend weeks in transit, and then must be reheated by the customer.


Problem 4 – The Nutrisystem Diet wont inform you: “Our pre-packaged foods consist of sodium. “

Anybody knows that pre packaged foods are packed with sodium. Sodium is just a preservative, and without it, some foods couldn’t be packaged. Anybody who is watching their sodium or is sensitive to sodium and bloating has to avoid this fat loss system. As well as how high priced this system is, and the fact that you should buy all of these foods for pretty much 40% significantly less than what your pain with the NutriSystem. They got a hell of a great marketing team.[/spoiler]


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Rating of The Nutrisystem Diet

Overall, The Nutrisystem Diet really does fail in so many different areas it’s not even funny. When it comes right down to it I have to give it up one out of 10, and that’s being extremely nice for the fact that they rake in the cash from processed and horrible tasting food, jacked up 150% over store prices. It seems like all the systems in the mainstream media are just really there for you to fail. This program will never in your entire lifetime teaching how to geek correctly, in fact they even expect you to buy your own fruits and vegetables outside of $70 you spend per week on this system. That simply means, you need to learn your nutrition and eating habits by yourself without the Nutrisystem. If you can do this, you’re saving yourself all the time and the money that you would’ve spent on The Nutrisystem Diet . So why the heck should you use The Nutrisystem Diet, I don’t really know, but it exists, so I’m reviewing it.

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