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The South Beach Diet – What A Bitch Of A Diet!

The South Beach Diet – More Trouble Than Bargained For


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The South Beach Diet Problems

The South Beach DietThe South Beach Diet Problem 1: Gets the “Good” Carbs Wrong AND At the Risk of Many People’s Health


The South Beach Diet Problem 2: Severely Misguided Advice Will lead to Dangerous Levels of Mercury

Dr. Agatston recommends fish, displaying absolutely no understanding that nearly all fish from every type of water source are now contaminated with dangerous levels of mercury. The dangerous levels of toxins in fish is not hearsay but a warning that has been issued by many health practitioners and major health and government agencies–even the very conservative EPA advises against it!


The South Beach Diet Problem 3: Advice on Milk Might Worsen a typical Allergy

Doctor Agaston freely advocates commercial pasteurized milk. Clearly unaware of the major issues many individuals have with pasteurized milk products and its problems with causing most typical food allergies. He calls himself a “researcher” but I have yet to see where his research shows what he is talking about.


The South Beach Diet Problem 4: This Diet Buys the Myth of Saturated Fat at Your Expense

Doctor Agatston fortuitously will not buy into the myth that eggs are bad (eggs can be quite healthy for you, particularly organic eggs), but he is still beneath the delusion that saturated fat is harmful to every one. Like carbs, though, some top quality saturated food isn’t merely o.k. but needs to be part of a truly nutritious diet. What counts, much like carbs and all macronutrients, is that you will be getting your saturated fat from a clean and healthier source such as for example organic virgin coconut oil.



The South Beach Diet Problem 5: Recommends Aspartame… Widely recognized as a Health Hazard

Are you currently kidding me? Hahah, he is literally recommending Depression, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Weight Gain and 100 other symptoms to onset!


The South Beach Diet Problem 6: Many Will NOT Shed Weight

The South Beach Diet completely ignores the truth that we’ve different genetic requirements for optimal wellbeing… one-size-fits-all food diets never benefit all, or even near to all. Because of their biochemistry, many people absolutely need a higher carb diet ( with limited or no grains), while others require the low-carb, high-protein diet.


The South Beach Diet Problem 7: Most Will not Shed weight Permanently with this particular Diet

The dietary plan has very little to do with improving your health anyway, and will lead you in the opposite direction. Even yet in terms of losing weight, though, the book might succeed for some in the short-term like many fad diets, but most will not permanently shed weight.[/spoiler]

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