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Uses for Vaseline – 10 Vaseline Uses You Never Thought of

Uses for Vaseline

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10 Uses for Vaseline You Never Thought of

Uses for Vaseline1. On Leather Shoes

To get up the leather in your shoes, just wipe a petroleum ointment over your shoe, then remove any excess jelly with a soft cloth.


2. In your Lips

Cold temperatures can be brutal in your lips, so can continually licking them. They become dry and chapped. Rubbing Petroleum ointment on them will help them heal and retain moisture.


3. In your Ring Finger

If your ring gets stuck in your finger, decide to try rubbing the finger with Petroleum ointment to have it off.


4. Your infant All through Shampooing

Decide to try putting only a little Vaseline petroleum ointment above your baby’s eyebrows, and the shampoo suds wont encounter the eyes, but sideways.


5. Your Light Bulbs

Just rub only a little petroleum ointment on the bulb threads and also you will not need to concern yourself with it sticking in the socket.


6. Your Skateboard and your Skates

Consistently keep the wheels lubricated in your favorite toys by putting only a little dab of jelly around the cylinders.


7. Your Candle Holders

If you do not want candle wax staying with the interior of your candle holders, just rub some Petroleum ointment in the individual.


8. Your Baby’s Diaper Rash

Rub a tiny bit of petroleum ointment in your baby’s behind before putting his diaper on. This keeps the moisture off skin.


9. Your Faucet

To stop squeaking, screeching faucets, apply a few of the jelly to any or all of the metal threads, after removing the handle and stem that’s.


10. Your Ice Box Racks

I had a challenge with this specific, sticking ice box racks. Rub a bit of the Petroleum ointment petroleum ointment on the edge of the racks so they really slide smoothly.

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