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Weight Watchers BEWARE – The Bad and The Ugly

Weight Watchers – A Cheap Date In A Nice Suite


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Weight Watchers Problems

Weight Watchers Now while weight watchers is completely in the focus of creating a calorie deficiency, we see that they offer a little too much leniency in some other point systems. For example, if you have a Candida albicans I would highly suggest NOT eating too many fresh fruits. This may seem backwards to what organic and natural diets tell you, however you were fighting against Candida albicans which is usually the cause behind most obesity and weight problems in the world. Therefore, when weight watchers is offering you the solution TE all of the fresh fruits that you want, and let me tell you people take a large advantage of this, it will only lead to enlargement of the “beer belly” a.k.a. Candida albicans.

Yet again, I even ask myself if the FDA were to release the no hunger bread recipe for everyone (by that I mean, the ability to sell it corporately), how many problems with diet programs like weight watchers have with a piece of bread that only gives you 200 calories and keeps you full anywhere from 4 to 6 hours? Well that’s none of my concern, but that is what you get with my program. Yet again when I compare and look at this diet regimen, it seems to fall into these little holes that make people feel like they’re losing weight, but they never really keep it off for some reason. I guess that’s the whole point of being in cahoots with the FDA.


Weight Watchers Rating

In the entirety, weight watchers would be given a 3/10, simply for the fact that it’s just a glorified calorie count program that anyone can follow by themselves with 15 to 20 min. a day, and a cool app on your smart phone keeping track of all your calories eaten for the day. However even a simple notepad and pen does the same thing. Again, we watchers would be blown out of the water if they try to go against the “No Hunger Bread” recipe like the one offered in Fitnessential.[/spoiler]

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